Welcome to the Donations Economy!

We are a couple of creative professionals who offer our skills and items to all people who would benefit or enjoy the work that we do. We do not charge for the services and works we give, but only ask that our clients and customers make a donation of any amount they wish.

Who We Are

"Our goal is to inspire and cultivate generosity in the way we do business."

When we provide a skill or item to you, we invite you to make a donation of any amount in return for the skills and items that you have received from us. Our goal is to inspire and cultivate generosity in the way we do business; both in the way we give of our services, works, skills and items, and in how we receive through the generosity of our clients and customers.

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I Build Awesome Websites

I have been creating websites since 2006, when I first started to learn how to write code with HTML and CSS. In 2009 I learned how […]
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Belletristic: A Collection of Old and New

Click here to download Belletristic A collection of old and new By Canaan Sanders Table of Contents Be still and know Stars in Season Walls Surgeon […]

Walking and Contemplation eBook

Download Walking and Contemplation A collection of some of Jack Saunsea’s first published writings. Table of Contents: Introduction What Is Contemplation? Contemplation As Art Contemplation In […]
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Essays, announcements, and stories of generosity..

Introduction to the Donations Economy

For quite some time (perhaps years, even) I have had the idea floating around in the back of my mind that I wanted to offer all […]

Poem 61 Live Performance


The First Step Is All It Takes

What is it that makes an idea something that is actually real? What brings an idea into tangible form that exists beyond a thought is within […]

Our Latest Design Works

We use our skills of media production and design to create websites, eBooks and more. If you need design work for your business, cause or other project, please contact us by emailing mail@donationseconomy.com.


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